Heart Warming
Design Proposal for 2013 Times Square Valentine
Invited Competition, 2012
Status: unbuilt

Designer/Architect: Tobias Holler
Design Consultant: Vasco Agnoli
Lighting Designer: Star Davis, Arup
Structural Engineer: Sanya Levi, Arup
Mechanical Engineer: Daniel Hallett, Arup
Competition Team: Jamie Abrego, Micah McKelvey, Agnieszka Wojciechowicz

Love that comes from the heart; Love that is good for the heart; Love that warms you from the inside… Literally.
Together we can create something beautiful. Happy Valentine!

HOLLER architecture is one of eight firms invited by the Times Square Alliance and the Design Trust for Public Space to submit ideas for a sculptural installation to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Times Square. We are proposing a 10-foot tall lighting sculpture consisting of acrylic bands arranged into the shape of a heart, with interactively controlled edge-lighting providing a beat to the activity. 10 bicycles are radially aligned on a platform around the heart, and all lighting will be powered by nothing other than the visitor’s pedaling. The sculpture is illuminated, highly interactive, collaborative and a healthy experience. It celebrates biking in New York City, alternative modes of energy generation, and of course Valentine’s Day in Times Square.


Rendering - Nighttime